Denise Lion

Artist Statement

As an artist who works in a diverse variety of media, I experiment with aleatoric processes to create strong personal moments, masterfully, by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal and by enticing the viewer round and round in circles.  I often allow the inventive process to be decided by the hands of fate.

I create short narratives using miniature robot sculptures made of discarded electronics and   the use of digital glitch these unexpected visual disruptions are spontaneous and accidental in appearance, caused by digital means.

My works do not place an identifiable form, rather, the results are taken apart to the extent that significance is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multi-layered.  I use a visual vocabulary that addresses many diverse social and political issues.  My work incorporates time as well as space allowing an imagined and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit.

I use electronic parts effecting a robotic look that reflects technologic culture. I create a look of entropy in a futuristic environment, creating a poignant and psychological disturbing narrative.your paragraph here.